Emeric Ernoult, CEO - Founder
When you have a skilled team by your side and data you fully trust, you can set your business on the right path and confidently measure if you are achieving healthy, sustainable growth.
Gain insights into what needs to change in your business to reach your next growth milestone.
Surface meaningful data for confident decision-making, optimizing your Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy.
Align stakeholders around a common understanding of business metrics to achieve strategic outcomes faster.

Reliable Data for Strategic Decision-Making

After a disappointing experience with Chartmogul, Emeric built in-house business analytics reports. This approach, however, was labor-intensive and required maintenance and updates for clean data, leading to decision-making difficulties. With Fincome, Emeric found the data quality he needed to quickly make critical decisions, halt ineffective strategies, and leverage successful ones. Fincome's reliable data helps him steer the business confidently in the right direction.


Responsive and Trustworthy Team

Emeric previously felt undervalued as a customer of Chartmogul. As data is crucial for a CEO, he needed a vendor that offered both expertise and personal support. The Fincome team provided this by being highly responsive and ensuring data accuracy. This human touch and expertise gave Emeric the clarity and trust needed to avoid wasting time on data debates when quick decisions were necessary.


In-Depth Business Insights

Emeric believes a CEO must deeply understand their data. Fincome allows him to easily break down any KPI to analyze performance issues, whether linked to a specific segment, product, or pricing strategy. This ability to dive deep enables him to make informed decisions on investments and changes, and to monitor the impact of these decisions on his company's results. Fincome helps CEOs stay on top of their data and drive business success.


Fincome's benefits for CEOs and founders according to Emeric

  • Reliable KPIs: Ensure your company's growth is sustainable
  • Strategic Decisions: Optimize your Go-To-Market strategy with confidence
  • Proven Effectiveness: Demonstrate the success of your strategies through data
  • Clear Insights: Gain a crystal-clear understanding of what works and why
  • Performance Validation: Confirm the success of your initiatives and identify growth blockers

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