All your subscription analytics in one place and in real time—from MRR to cash

Get instant performance metrics. Keep your finger on the pulse and make the right decisions at the right time for your SaaS company.

Access real-time metricsin just a few clicks

Calculate KPIs in one-tenth of the time

Take management decisions 3x faster

Two graphs showing MRR growth and customer acquisition cost (CAC)Fincome - DashboardFincome - Centraliser

200+ SaaS grow their business with Fincome

Table showing monthly breakdown of MRR and graph showing quarterly customer/cohort trends

Audit, adjust, and build data you can trust

Audit your metrics at a glance and edit data sources whenever you need. Adapt performance analytics to your SaaS and build reliable data flows.

Stop wasting hourson Excel or Google spreadsheets a gazillion rows long

Automate managementspecific to your business and track the right figures at the right time

Take back control  of your data and breathe a sigh of relief—you’ve got the best metrics for your subscription business

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Segment your SaaS analytics

Split your subscription analytics any way you like. Fancy checking churn or retention by product? Want a breakdown of new subscribers by geographic region? A few clicks and you’re done.

Uncover actionable insights in a few clicks with a breakdown of your revenue streams

Supercharge retention by pinpointing the origin and cause of churn

Win new subscriptions by identifying your best-performing customers and products

Table showing a breakdown of invoices and best-performing customer
SaaS benchmarking with a visual breakdown of revenue churn

Compare your performance against similar SaaS

Use Fincome to generate market benchmarks of key subscription analytics in just a few clicks.

Take faster decisions by analyzing where you’re beating your competitors—and where they’re beating you!

Set clear targets for your teams based on your business model and stage of development

Win more investors faster by highlighting where you’re outperforming your competitors

Share subscription analytics with your team and external partners

Add members to your Fincome space and define exactly what role and permissions they have.

Add people in a few clicks and share your data

Specify access permissions and keep your investors in the loop

Share data with your accountant and make year-end closing a breeze

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Data hosting

We host your data on European servers that comply with the strictest standards of cybersecurity (ISO 27001). This gives you guaranteed real-time access to your subscription analytics.