Marc Francis, CRO
Before discovering Fincome, we used to work with a traditional subscription analytics solution that did not covered our GTM forecast needs. Thanks to Fincome, we now build fine-tuned revenue roadmaps, leveraging accurate historical metrics to fuel precise assumptions and build highly reliable what-if scenarios to align all team members on strategic goals. This strategic change had a major impact on our growth.
Unlock clear insights to fully understand growth drivers and prioritize acquisition channels and main pricing levers to fuel growth.
Build a reliable revenue roadmap, leveraging historical metrics. Align GTM teams with strategic goals in building easily what-if scenarios.
Effortlessly share insights with C-Levels, iterating on key metrics and forecasts, to accelerate change management.

Identifying key revenue segments to fuel growth

As the CROof Captain Data, Marc faced challenges in deriving clear insights from metrics that combined billing and CRM data to enrich his clients. This lack of clarity made it difficult to understand Captain Data’s historical performance. With Fincome, Marc segmented his revenues by customer type, industry, size, and regions. It allowed him to identify its main growth drivers while pinpointing key criteria of his Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Additionally, Fincome enabledMarc to prioritize outbound efforts by assessing the effectiveness of various initiatives (partnerships, cold calls, networking efforts…). He also identified actionable pricing levers for specific customer segments to further fuel growth.


Building a reliable GTM revenue roadmap for the next 24 months

Marc's second challenge was to build Captain Data’s revenue roadmap for the next 24months. Lacking accurate historical metrics, he spent countless hours aggregating siloed data from multiples sources and struggled with spreadsheets to build coherent forecasts. With Fincome, Marc smoothly leveraged historical metrics to fuel his assumptions and build highly reliable what-if scenarios. Fincome enabled Marc to compare these scenarios effectively and helped him in aligning his go-to-market teams to ensure everyone was working towards the same strategic goals.


Sharing key insights with other decision-makers

Marc also needed to easily share critical insights with other C-Levels and Fincome allowed him to smoothly iterate on forecast scenarios between GTM and finance teams.This seamless communication accelerated change management and helped align all team members to exceed financial targets. Fincome's robust metrics sharing capabilities ensured that all decision-makers had access in real-time to unified and actionable insights, facilitating collaboration and optimizing strategic planning.


Benefits of Fincome for CROs, according to Marc

  • Comprehensive performance insights: achieve a clear view of growth drivers by analyzing metrics like customer type, industry, size, and region
  • Prioritized acquisition channels: measure the effectiveness of outbound/inbound channels to optimize acquisition strategies
  • What-if scenarios: easily build and compare multiple cases to refine GTM strategies and align teams in unified financial targets
  • Seamless data sharing: effortlessly share critical insights with C-Levels to enhance strategic planning and collaboration
  • Enhanced decision-making: replace manual data processing with actionable insights, allowing for faster and more effective decision-making

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