Forecast your SaaS growth before it happens

With Fincome, generate forecasts and what-if scenarios in a flash. Now you’re making smart decisions for your SaaS.

Estimate how changes in churn today impact your ARR in 24 or 36 months

Plan future recruitment by generating multiple growth scenarios based on current and future customer subscriptions

Track your projections in real-time against current performance analytics

Graph comparing actual versus forecasted SaaS revenue by month

200+ SaaS grow their business with Fincome

Fincome integrations

Sync your tools directly with our platform

Billing software

Fincome uses API to link directly to major billing apps.
Have a custom tool? Just import your billing in Excel format instead.


Fincome connects securely to over 200 banks in Europe


Sync your CRM with our platform and import your sales funnel and customer data


Import up-to-date payroll data directly into Fincome

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GDPR compliance

Our T&Cs and privacy policy comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Data encryption

All your data is encrypted to keep it safe and cannot be accessed by third parties. All transfers between the databases and computing instances are also encrypted for guaranteed protection.

Data hosting

We host your data on European servers that comply with the strictest standards of cybersecurity (ISO 27001). This gives you guaranteed real-time access to your subscription analytics.