Chloé Dalger, Head of Growth
At Waalaxy, Fincome transformed our data processing and strategic decision-making. By automating complex calculations, we saved countless hours and it allowed us to on growth activities. With accurate metrics and detailed client segmentation, we optimized our acquisition strategies and gained valuable insights into our most profitable personas.”
Unlock significant timesaving and data simplification by automating complex metrics calculations like LTV and CAC by channel, allowing your team to focus on strategic growth activities.
Ensure right critical strategic decisions by eliminating issues with unreliable MRR and LTV calculations and capturing precise indicators like cashed-in revenue, credit notes and refunds.
Gain critical financial insights and optimize acquisition strategies by segmenting data to identify profitable personas, tracking revenue and LTV across segments, and finely measuring price sensitivity.

Simplified and Automated Data Processing

As Head of Growth at Waalaxy, Chloé previously spent excessive time on complex calculations like LTV and CAC by channel and segments, struggling with intricate data visualizations.Capturing accurate data from Stripe's API was a daunting task due to its complexity, making it difficult to retrieve and join the expected data. With Fincome, these challenges were solved through automation, eliminating the need for manual calculations and simplifying data retrieval and visualization. It savedChloé's team a significant amount of time, allowing them to focus on strategic growth activities rather than getting bogged down in data processing and interpretation.


Ensuring Data Reliability for Strategic Decision-Making

Chloé's second main challenge at Waalaxy was to stop depending on unreliable MRR and LTV calculations fromStripe dashboards, making it difficult to trust data and underlying metrics.Capturing accurate indicators from Stripe API, such as cashed-in revenue, VAT, refunds, and credit notes was a major issue. The constantly fluctuating MRR from Stripe, calculated at the subscription level rather than the invoice level, led to uncertainty and a lack of confidence in the data. Without SaaS metrics experts, investigating discrepancies consumed huge amount of time and inaccurate metrics, both impacting resource management and key decision-making. Thanks to Fincome, Chloé achieved reliable data auditing and accurate metric calculations, streamlining Waalaxy processes and ensuring dependable data for strategic decision-making.


Financial Analysis and Strategic Insights

Chloé also leveraged Fincome to conduct comprehensive financial analyses of clients and gain critical business insights to fine-tune Waalaxy acquisition strategy. Fincome enabled her to identify the most profitable personas by segmenting data based on account size, country, LinkedIn parameters, and acquisition channels (SEO,SEA, affiliation, partners, etc.). She could pinpoint where their biggest clients originated, compare revenue and LTV across different personas, and understand the impact on retention. Additionally, Fincome allowed Chloé to finely assess price sensitivity and track pricing changes by company type and country, providing key insights for optimizing pricing strategy and acquisition efforts.


Benefits of Fincome for Heads of Growth, according to Chloé:

  • Significant time savings: automate complex KPIs calculations and data visualizations, freeing up time for strategic growth activities
  • Simplified data retrieval: overcome challenges of capturing accurate data from Stripe's API, ensuring easy and efficient data access and underlying metrics
  • Reliable metrics: achieve dependable MRR and LTV calculations, reducing uncertainty and enhancing confidence in derived business insights
  • Comprehensive client analysis: identify profitable personas through detailed segmentation by account size, country, and acquisition channels
  • Strategic insights: measure price sensitivity and track pricing changes to optimize pricing strategy and acquisition efforts

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