Stéphane Bonnet, CFO
Structuring financial data to derive actionable insights can be really challenging and time-consuming.When you get these steps done, you can confidently grow your business and focus on strategic development. Thanks to Fincome, at HelloCSE we now only focus our energy on fine-tuning our GTM strategy by end-markets, while optimizing collaboration between teams, to achieve sustainable growth.
Prevent costly revenue loss and ensure precise financial accuracy by automating billing audits, tracking invoices, and monitoring contract renewals.
Streamline financial processes and save valuable time by replacing cumbersome spreadsheets with automated systems, reducing errors, and improving efficiency.
Enhance sustainable financial analyses and catalyze SaaS KPIs acculturation company-wide, to help prioritizeGTM strategy by end-market.

Enhanced Billing Audits translating to revenue savings with clear ROI

As the CFO of HelloCSE,Stéphane struggled with billing omissions and renewal oversights, often leading to 5-10 missed invoices monthly. With Fincome, Stéphane automated billing audits, ensuring accurate invoice tracking and monitoring of contract renewals overtime. It also demonstrated a clear ROI by preventing revenue loss from billing errors. Fincome's robust auditing capabilities became essential for maintaining precise oversight and optimizing revenue collection, especially with HelloCSE's4,000 clients and 600,000 users.


Time Saving and Error Reduction

Stéphane's next challenge was to automate HelloCSE's financial processes to save time and reduce metrics calculation errors. Relying on cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, the manual tracking system was time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Fincome streamlined these processes, saving Stéphane's team up to a day each month while improving data accuracy. As HelloCSE grew 600 k users, billing volumes were too high to run spreadsheets, Fincome's automation ensured reliable end-of-month calculations, allowing Stéphane to focus on strategic financial oversight.


Long-Term Analysis and SaaS Metrics Acculturation

Stéphane also needed to enhance in-depth analyses and SaaS KPIs acculturation within GTM teams at HelloCSE.As a concrete example, Fincome enabled Stéphane to easily identify upsell and downsell opportunities by monitoring monthly variations over €100, facilitating collaboration with Account Managers. Relying on a unified company-wide solution made it significantly easier and faster to draw insights than using Excel, supporting teams in understanding key indicators. Fincome's sector-specific ARR movements analyses allowed Stéphane to refine growth strategies and helped Account Managers detect and activate upsell potential among strategic clients, further fueling growth.


Benefits of Fincome for CFOs, according to Stéphane:

  • Automated billing audits: ensure accurate invoice tracking and monitor contract renewals, preventing revenue loss from billing errors, with over 4,000 customers and 600,000 users at HelloCSE
  • Significant time saving: streamline financial processes by replacing cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, saving up to a day each month
  • Identify and activate growth levers: easily detect new business and upsell opportunities and easily share them with GTM and/or CSM teams
  • Acculturate teams in SaaS KPIs: support team managers in understanding and interpreting key indicators to steer their scopes and align all teams across the company
  • Dedicated support: benefit from the availability and expertise of Fincome's team for analytical suggestions and ongoing support

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