Blandine Le Berre, CSM
At Myli, we are customer-obsessed and put our clients’ satisfaction at the forefront of our priorities, to make sure our solution and client’s support constantly meet their expectations. Fincome helps us efficiently measure and detect potential inefficiencies to prevent churn and optimize upsell, with strong impacts on our revenues.
Automate your data collection and KPIs creation effortlessly, freeing your team from cumbersome and complex spreadsheets.
Focus on delivering top-notch customer experiences without getting bogged down in manual data management.
Achieve precise goal alignment and real-time tracking to understand churn drivers, enabling effective strategies for optimized retention.

Automating Data Collection and simplifying KPIs access and sharing

As the Head of CSM at Myli, Blandine's team spent an excessive amount of time manually processing data and building KPIs on unreadable spreadsheets. This method was time-consuming and chaotic, especially for calculating metrics like LTV and churn. With Fincome, everything is now automated, eliminating inefficiencies deriving from manual data handling. The time previously spent wrestling with unreliableExcel data is now dedicated to enhancing customer service and delivering higher-quality results. Blandine, who used to spend countless hours crunching numbers in spreadsheets, can now rely on accurate and detailed insights from Fincome, allowing her to focus on what truly matters: satisfying her clients.


Aligning CSM team towards optimized retention and increased upsell

Before adopting Fincome, Blandine faced significant challenges in aligning her team and measuring retention targets, particularly with a focus on churn.Previously, they set goals but struggled to assess them accurately, lacking clear insights into their performance. Fincome transformed this process by providing transparency and real-time tracking, allowing the entire team to access the solution with appropriate access rights. This transparency fostered better alignment on common objectives like MRR growth and churn reduction. With Fincome, Blandine's team gained a comprehensive understanding of churn drivers, enabling them to implement strategies that increased NRR and improved overall performance. Now, with precise goals and real-time KPIs, Blandine’s team is better aligned and focused on achieving their retention targets.


In-depth churn segmentation to identify root causes and improve retention

Blandine quickly realized how Fincome could transform their monthly reporting and analytical segmentation processes, which were time-consuming and required constant input from sales teams. Thanks to Fincome’s native integration with Chargebee, these tasks were fully automated. Fincome enabled Blandine to delve deeper into churn analysis by industry and geography, highlighting strategic insights and simplifying reporting. This newfound efficiency allowed them to prioritize strategic verticals like retail and food more thoroughly and prepare for international market expansion. Leveraging past experiences with accurate and detailed analytics, Myli can now anticipate challenges and opportunities more effectively.


Benefits of Fincome for CSMs, according to Blandine:

  • Tools integration and automated data handling: streamline data processing and KPIs building with billing tools integration like Chargebee, eliminating inefficiencies deriving from spreadsheets
  • Enhanced customer focus: free up time to concentrate on delivering high-quality customer service to improve client’s satisfaction
  • Cross-teams goal alignment: achieve clear visibility and real-time tracking to set retention goals and efficiently assess results
  • Comprehensive churn insights: gain a deep understanding of churn drivers to implement effective strategies to increase NRR
  • Strategic development on new markets: prioritize key verticals and prepare for international expansion relying on accurate and detailed insights

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